Inclinometer Solutions

2GIG Engineering specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of MEMS inclinometers. We offer numerous standard inclinometers and provide solutions for a broad range of custom applications.


  • Custom Software
  • Data Logging
  • HMI Panels (wired, wireless, display, or touchscreen)


  • Alternate materials for enclosures
  • XBEE wireless capabilities
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Battery operated sensors
  • Extended range utilizing terminal hubs

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Designed & Assembled

Our inclinometers are designed, assembled, and shipped world-wide by 2GIG from our facility in Abbot, Maine, USA. From initial design through shipping, we carry out the entire process of providing our customers with the product they need. This allows us to offer the highest quality product and fastest response time.



Leveling The World

Inclinometers are used in various industries. Our team of engineers can work with you to provide customized solutions for your level sensing needs.

Aerial Lifts

Scissors, cranes, articulated lifts or fire trucks. A tilt sensor will prevent possible tip-overs. It will also help keep a platform level while moving.

Construction Equipment

Trenching, drilling, grading, or dredging. A tilt sensor will keep a trencher’s boom plumb while driving on uneven terrain.

Automation-Industrial Controls

Butterfly valves, press platens, structure monitoring. A tilt sensor can be an invaluable tool that can prevent costly repairs.

Racing Circuit

Fuel shut-offs, parachute deployment, tip-over safety. A tilt sensor can be used as a safety device in the event that a driver loses control.


Terrain compensation. A tilt sensor can be paired with navigational systems to provide pitch and roll.


Depth control, monitoring dams and retaining walls, hydrographic systems, underwater surveying equipment.

Precision Measurements

Robotics and forklift scales. A tilt sensor will provide a level indication allowing the scale to provide an accurate measurement.


Positioning equipment and patients, can be paired with a visual display for precise feedback.