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Demand More from Your Tilt Sensor

Demand More from Your Tilt Sensor

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If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got! Do you remember using a flip phone before the smartphone came out? Some people were very hesitant to switch. You knew what to expect with the flip phone.

Plus, that’s what you’ve been used to for years. Eventually, the world made the leap of faith straight into the new technology. People realized that smartphones significantly outperformed their old flip phones. It was capable of things they never imagined they even wanted in a phone.

Are you currently using a silicone-filled pendulum sensor for your tilt sensing needs? There is no doubt pendulum sensors have been the norm for 30 plus years. However, it has its drawbacks as any technology that is 30 years old does. We’re here to introduce you to the new technology, The MEMS Tilt Sensor from 2GIG Engineering.

Eliminate Human Error

Our advanced tilt sensor has been tested and proven to outperform a pendulum sensor in all areas. Electronic functionality automated by a microprocessor is light years ahead of outdated technology. Calibrating adjustment nuts, trim pots, and stopwatches was necessary 30 years ago.

The element of human error is eliminated with a MEMs Sensor. If you order a 3-degree sensor with 2GIG, you will get a 3-degree sensor. If you want a 1.5 second time delay, you will get a 1.50 (notice the zero) time delay.

Safety in the Field

In addition to human error during the manufacturers’ calibration, pendulum sensors can be incorrectly installed in the field. Adjustment nuts and trim pots can be manipulated in the field and sometimes unintentionally during the installation process. Both bypass the original safety requirements of the OEM. These adjustments are a common source of error in the field and a significant safety risk.

A MEMs sensor has no adjustment nuts and no trim pots, which means zero risks of accidental adjustments. Precise measurement is everything with a tilt sensor. Simply put, the precision of a sensor and safety in the field is directly correlated.

Drop-in Replacement

Our sensor is engineered to be a drop-in replacement for any other tilt device in addition to the precision and safety enhancements available in a MEMS Sensor. The compact, visually appealing design of our tilt sensor allows us to fit in any application with ease.

Once we receive details of your application, we can reproduce the sensor faster than anyone else can. You may be content with a device that gets the job done. Updating to the newest technology will give you options, accuracy, and durability you didn’t even know you needed.

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