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It’s a MEMS World

It’s a MEMS World

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You probably don’t realize it, but MEMS technology is all around you. In your car, in your home, and even in your cell phone! You are surrounded.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology has varied uses in multiple domains with new engineering taking place every day. It is the technology of very small devices. The various advantages of using MEMS technology make it easy to integrate into many different systems, which is likely why we are seeing it almost everywhere.

MEMS technology can be found in the general domains below:

  • Automotive: From the common airbag to vehicle security to rollover detection and beyond, there are various uses in the automotive industry
  • Industrial: Vibration detection, tilt sensing, earthquake detection, and gas shut off to list a few. One of the most common uses is in the Industrial field.
  • Commercial Applications: From built-in displays for mobile devices to inkjet printers and modern cars, it is quickly emerging into various commercial applications.
  • Military: Tanks, planes, and equipment, the breakthrough technology, and durability of these devices make them a top choice in this important field.
  • Biotechnology & Medical: There is a wide array of applications in the medical field. From pressure sensors to new discoveries in science and engineering such as PCR microsystems for DNA identification, there are many current uses and further possibilities of expanding uses in this field.

2GIG Utilizes MEMs Technology

The 2GIG inclinometer sensor is comprised of a MEMs accelerometer, gyroscope, and temperature sensor to provide the end-user with motion detection along with temperature readings. This same technology can be incorporated in a wide variety of applications outside of just tilt sensing. The temperature sensor can solely be used in systems that require temperature monitoring for safety applications.

The raw accelerometer readings can be used as a way to measure vibration within an environment, in order to detect earthquakes or measure trends. These are just a couple of examples. Motion detection and temperature technology open the door to a wide variety of applications and ideas.

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