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Robust Design Inside & Out

Robust Design Inside & Out

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Robust is defined as a condition in which the product or process will be minimally affected by sources of variation. The MEMS Sensor is built to last. We are committed to utilizing only high-quality components and the most advanced software to guarantee a sensor that will stand the test of time. First, let’s consider common sources that a tilt sensor is put up against electrical emissions, extreme environments, and harsh working conditions.

Electrical Compliance

For Electrical testing and CE approval, our device came out of the ring without a scratch. Our 2GIG MEMs sensor is engineered and tested to perform optimally under EMC, high voltage transients, lightning surges, magnetic field immunity, and many more rigorous tests.

Extreme Environments

For extreme environments, we did our homework. The competition would always have a problem with temperature. Either you had to be a mathematician to figure out how inaccurate the device will be throughout a wide temperature range, or they just couldn’t be used in extreme temps. We did not take the easy road.

We built ours for everyone. We have the best working temperature range on the market and you are able to count on our accuracy across the whole range. Every 2GIG tilt sensor is factory calibrated in order to remove the temperature inaccuracies for you.

Harsh Working Conditions

As a designer of the robust 2GIG sensor, let me tell you, we built it to take a thrashing! It can be dropped, run over, thrown, power washed, submerged, and it still performs as it was intended. The next step was to improve that.

We took it to a level unheard of. We built our intelligent operating system to know what it’s being subjected to, from normal conditions to extreme conditions. This gives our customers optimal reaction times for safety and performance all while creating a sensor that can be used for everyone in any condition.

If you’re going to design something that you want to sell to everyone, why not design it for everyone? We started by providing our customers with the best electrical ranges and specifications on the market. When a customer has a need, we have a solution.

We want our customers to get what they want and not spend time looking at data sheets trying to design around limits. Extensive environmental, electrical, and mechanical testing tied with our CE approval, advanced hardware protections, and sophisticated code insures that our tilt sensor will consistently outperform. Use 2GIG and feel confident.

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